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Commission - for Mia by RedWolfStudios
Commission - for Mia
Commission for a friend! She wanted a phone background image of one of her characters and I happily obliged. 

I'm taking commissions for these so if you're interested, message me! They're $10~
Sly Cooper Print by RedWolfStudios
Sly Cooper Print
I'm probably going to go back and tweak this several more times before I actually print it, but for the most part it's finished.

I really love drawing Sly Cooper and I don't know why
Chrom Phone BG by RedWolfStudios
Chrom Phone BG
So I got fed up with looking for a new background for my lock screen and made one myself, lmao.

I'm actually taking commissions for these so if you're interested, send me a note.

I'm charging a flat $10 ( unless you want something a little more detailed like this, then it's $15 ).
My Little Pony buttons by RedWolfStudios
My Little Pony buttons
These are currently for sale for $4 a button ( INCLUDING shipping in the USA ), unless you buy more than one! 

Message me if you are interested in buying!

All the proceeds for selling these will go to my surgery fund. I am having my foot operated on in May and I need to save up as much as possible because I won't be able to work for a while. They want me off my foot for a month, but we'll see!

Thank you for looking! <3


Kate-Lynn Daniel
United States
My name is Kate-Lynn Daniel. I'm a graduate of King's College of Charlotte with an associate's degree in Graphic Design.

I am currently enrolled at The Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville seeing a degree in Animation.

I started making anime charm jewelry as a way to make money on the side to fund personal expenses, such as Cosplay. But I'm also planning on donating some whenever I get enough.

I'm slowly expanding my bag of tricks, so thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more. :)

Current Residence: Murfreesboro, TN
If you would like to see all of my completed commissions PLUS some other stuff, visit my page on Facebook:…


I make jewelry! Thread bracelets, earrings, cell phone straps, and necklaces with anime character charms on them.

I make the charms myself out of sculpey, bake, then paint and glaze them.


I can make just about anybody from any anime or video game. If I do not recognize the character, I will ask you to provide me with reference pictures. If you don't, I will make it based on pictures that -I- find, and you may not like what I choose. So to avoid that, please give me some pictures to go by.

I can also make OC's for you. Again, I just need GOOD reference pictures for them.



+ The bracelets are made of simple thread with colors that matches the charm ( Example:: Hair color and eye color, something similar to that ).

+ They are made according to the measurement AROUND your wrist, to make sure it fits comfortably and isn't too tight or too loose. Therefore, I will need that measurement (in inches) when you order.

+ The bracelets will have clasps on them to hold them around your wrist, instead of being tied.


+ Earrings will come in a pair, so that means I will mostly be making anime COUPLES for these. They will be a little smaller than the bracelet charms

+ The shape of the earrings are loops, so they do not have the little rubber stoppers on the back. They shouldn't be necessary.


+ These have charms the same size as the bracelet ones, but they go on key rings instead. They can be round or fish hook style, your choice!

:bulletred:Cell Phone Straps:bulletblack:

+ The charms for the cell phone straps will be about the same size as they are for the bracelets, which is roughly quarter sized. Depending on the hairstyle, it may be a bit bigger.

+ These are priced the same as bracelets because the straps are a bit more expensive to obtain than the thread is.


+ These are charms a little bigger than the bracelet ones, with a button magnet attached to the back of it. Perfect for fridges!


+ These are made basically the same way the bracelets are made, except longer to fit around your neck. It takes more thread, therefore, it costs more.

+ I would need the measurement around your neck to know how long to make it, but if you do, be sure to add a few inches so that it's not TIGHT around your neck. I want it to be comfortable.

:bulletblack: Hair Barrettes:bulletred:

+ These are small charms glued to a snap barrette. I can sell single clips or I can sell them in pairs! 



I am now offering different kinds of digital art commissions as well!


:bulletred: Buttons :bulletblack:

+ 1.25" round pinback buttons with different characters on them. I will be making several kinds, but I am also taking commissions for certain designs.

:bulletblack: Badges :bulletred:

+ Clip on badges with different character designs on them. These will be 2.5" x 4" and laminated. 

:bulletred: Prints :bulletblack:

+ More to come about these soon! 



Please send me a NOTE if you would like to commission from me.


All prices are in USD.

Bracelets = $5 ( $3 if the charm is simple, such as a Pokeball )
Earrings = $6 per pair
Keychains = $5
Cell Phone Charms = $5 
Magnets: $6
Necklaces = $10
Hair Barrettes = $5 for single, $6 for a pair

Buttons = $3 ( includes shipping )
Badges = $4

Depending on how far you are from me will determine the shipping. I don't have any fancy packaging, so it won't cost a whole lot. I'd estimate $1-$2. I can only get a definite price when I know how far I'm sending it.

**NOTE: Each product will come in a small, plastic bag, then shipped in a small, bubble wrapped interior envelope to ensure its safe arrival.**


I CAN ONLY ACCEPT USD! If you are outside of the USA, you will have to use Paypal! I apologize for the inconvenience, but using Paypal is much, much easier.

Once your order is finished, I will give you my email address so that you can pay to my account. 

If you do not have Paypal, I can accept concealed cash via snail mail. But again, I can only accept USD.


Commissions are currently: OPEN!

Bold means they are completed.

:bulletred: = PAID
:bulletblack: = DELIVERED



Kiriban Winners


Thank you~!
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